7:Item Already Owned

Android his having quite a lot of problems. Whew!

I reinstalled IF before getting the update and got all the free planes. I then download the payware aircraft and it has loaded. But when I got on today it’s all gone, and when I click on the aircraft I bought it just says 7: Item Already Owned. Please help!

Have you tried to restore purchases?

I’ll try to do that if I can find it.

EDIT: I’m not sure where it is. Maybe it’s right in my face but i’m probably not seeing it.

In the aircraft section on the bottom.

Right next to the back button.

Im on Android, it’s not there.

Alright not to worry usually if you select the aircraft you have bought, and hit purchase. it will say you already own it. Then you can download it again.

I found the problem… If you’re logged into IF pro it completely takes away all your payware aircraft. So you have to fly not logged in.

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Yea that would definitely be the cause.