7 hours flight time

Here is my attempt flying the Airbus A318 for 7 hours around Singapore

Landing back for a short stop over

Unfortunately my friend called me while flying which caused the game to crash. this is my last photo


How long did the flight last before you’re game crashed?


The font looks like an older update.
It’s with throttle cut?

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Who would ever want to fly for 7 hours


07:21 last time i saw

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This guy called Gregorie morales

Any ways gotta get used to it because of infinite flight global


What do you mean throttle cut?

Wow, that’s a LONG flight. The longest flight I was able to pull off was nearly three and a half hours.

Im going to do 8-9 hours Today with the A340 600 house colours in singapore :)


How do people have this much time in a day?


How much xp did you get

4000Xp unfortunately it crashed. It didnt log it but i got the exp

Flaps full at FL200??


You have waaaaaaay too much time on your hands 😀

I got bored for a few minutes so I decided to mess around

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Nice profile pic too I’ve seen that formation flying on youtube it was amazing

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Did you land at the same airport you took off from?

Did you actually hold the device for seven hours or did you use live flight connect to follow your plan? :)

I took off at 6:03 From singapore landing 5 hours later at 11:56 for a short stop in Kuala Lumpur and carried on for another hour

I was holding the device for 7 hours just flying around without a flight plan suprisingly i didnt get any violation

Cool…I’ve done 6+ hours before. This photo below was just last week…5+ hours…I call it Global Flight Conditioning lol

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