7 Flights in GA

Since today is February and having a GA Aviation event around America but I decided to do GA Flights across each continent from Australia to Africa and finding places I haven’t explored yet


All flights in expert

Approaching Perth jandakot from Rottnest island

Seeing the West Papua mountains

A 5 minute flight between Eday & Stronsay

A Line waiting for takeoff at Grand Canyon airport which is controlled today

Crossing Lago de Maracaibo heading to Cabima (SVON)

A bit of a steep approach to Anjouan at the islands of Comoros

Thought of flying out of an American airport again to do KFLG-KSEZ Since I’ve heard it’s a nice scenic airport nearby Grand Canyons and chose the P-38 since I haven’t flown this one for awhile and it’s the only warbird I can handle flying with (I can’t do the spitfire)


For the spitfire it’s pretty hard to takeoff since it literally turns hard and but luckily rudder saves it but not strong crosswinds

Since I tried the second time on the spitfire it went ok usually takeoff is the problem

Awesome photos! Welcome back from your break! 😄

Yep personally I give up me 6-5 month break since I keep coming back to IFC for new stuff

Anyway Thanks a lot for GA Day today :D

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What a great way to promote GA day! Great photos right there and keep up the awesome work!

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Great shots! GA aircraft are amazing!

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@Gliding_Central Yep pretty much loved that day
@Airforce1095 agreed

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