7 days violation

How long is your 7 days violation ? I got a violation by Scott Paddon on 2019/03/30 22:31 UTC

7 days would have been yesterday 2019/04/05

today is the 8th day and it still shows a violation within 7 days. Why is that ?

Do a quick flight on casual server and see if it resets it.

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That was last week Saturday… well it isn’t 22:31 UTC right now…

UTC (Zulu Time)… it is 17:00 UTC-0 now, so you got a few hours left. Today, Saturday, 6th of April at UTC 22:31, the ghost will expire :)

Nope, today is the 7th day, and your report will expire today at the exact same time of the day you got it last week.


Also I think you mean a ghost?

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Yes ghost. Correct.


maybe my math is wrong or I am missing something or maybe I wasn’t taught right ;) … that darn school teacher. How does 7 days go from Saturday to Saturday ? that’s 8 days @Captain_JR

One Week is 7 days isn’t it ;)

So from the time last Saturday to this week Saturday would be 7 complete 24 hours passed.

Right now it is 19:02Z (UTC-0) and you got yours last week Saturday, meaning that this Saturday, that is Today in 4hrs and 30mins approximately your report should expire.

Well you begin to count from Saturday 22:31 to Sunday 22:31 has been one full 24hr day, okay?

Sat-Sun is the 1st day.
Sun-Mon is 2nd day.
Mon-Tue is 3rd.
Tue-Wed is 4th.
Wed to Thu is 5th.
Thu to Fri is 6th day
Fri to Sat, today is 7th day.


You need to wait until 22:31UTC until your ghost goes away. Just because it is a week from the day you have to wait till that time for the ghost to go.


You’re counting the day you received it as a day. It’s 7 full 24 hour periods. So the first 24 hour period isn’t over the day you get it, but the same time the next day. That’s when it’s been 1 day. Then you go from there.

3/31 - 1 day
April 1st - 2 days
April 2nd - 3 days
April 3rd - 4 days
April 4th - 5 days
April 5th - 6 days
April 6th - 7 days (today)

It will roll off at 22:31 Z today.

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On 22:31Z, right Tim? :)

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Yes…forgive me.

You know what I mean. Same time.

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No worries. I also get a bit confused and overwhelmed with all this time of the hour counting, but it’s all good :)

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