7 days have passed, yet I can't fly in the Expert Server

Hello, I have few questions regarding level 1 violations. So a week ago, I was doing a flight and unknowingly received 3 level violations for overspeed, and I have 6 within the last 7 days (it should be only 3). It even says in game that I received those violations “7 days ago”, yet I still am in grade 2…

So do I need to wait one more day? Is this a bug? It’s really important since I signed up for a massive event around 2 months ago, and I don’t want to miss it for such a silly reason.

Thank you!!


Hello @N889FQ,

It’s 7 days to the exact minute that you received the violations. If that has passed, do a quick flight on Casual Server. That should refresh your grade table.

If you are still confused - please share a picture of your violation history and I can help.


Ok alright, thank you! Here’s the screenshots!

Actually, never mind! I did a flight on the TS and I’m back in grade 3! Thanks for the help.

Good to hear! Yeah from what I can see those other 3 violations also should expire tomorrow at 1609Z.

Be careful in future!

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