7 days for ghosting?

Was ghosted for not extending when being asked at last minute and a mountain peak directly in front of me and going 3500 ROC or vs and trying not to stall. This was at bna last night. I tried to extend and then had to bank left and was stalling. Ok, so I get it’s a learning experience and we should plan better and always be aware however I think 7 days off the expert server is a bit much for a small violation. There needs to be different levels because we pay for this software. All of us and I get that you want it as RW as possible but come on. 7 days is a bit much when we are paying for this. If your ghosted more than once or something I could see 7 days but the 24 hr violation is enough I think especially for your first ghost EVER and for something as rare as extending when there was barely any traffic. 🤷‍♂️

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Did you contact the controller by any chance?


The ghostings are a bit harsh, but they are for good reason, as they keep the users who purposely don’t follow instructions off of the Expert Server for longer. That said, can you go into your replay and find the controller who ghosted you? Then you can contact them and maybe get the ghosting taken away if the circumstances you described are correct.


Keyword is purposely.

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Hello, Adrian! I’m the ATC Community Manager and would be happy to assist. You’re currently in a private message with the controller and I. We’ve provided reasoning and asked to see your replay for further review. This went ignored and here we are in public with no one that can assist more than the two who were already trying to provide some assistance in private.

I understand this can be frustrating, however we are here to help. From my review of BNA’s airspace there’s very little terrain that would result in an A319 being unable to out-climb the obstacle.

Finally, the 7 days is not meant to be a punishment. It’s intended to be a period of time used for remediation and learning so you return better prepared to interact in a realistic environment.