7 Days, 7 Pics! My Most Recent And Edited Shots!


I hope you’re having a nice day! :)

Just as 7 days ago, I want to share with you the shots I posted this last week…

I hope you enjoy them! Don’t forget to tell me which was your favourite… ⚡

Emirates / 77W / OMDB - LEBL / View Post

TAAG Angola / 772ER / SBGR - FNLU / View Post

Air Canada / 77W / CYYZ - CYVR / View Post

UIA / 772ER / UKBB - CYYZ / View Post

Boeing / 772LR / KBFI - MDSD / View Post

Cathay / 77W / VHHH - YSSY / View Post

This is everything for this week! Tell me which pic is the one you liked the most!

Additional Comments:

  1. Due to some reasons and just for this time, I’m sharing 6 instead of 7 pics.

  2. As one of the pics I posted this week is an edit, which I’m not allowed to add here because of IFC rules, I replaced that pic (4) with another I posted a long time ago. I will share the edit I made in the comments.


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That engine is the best and most detailed one


It is indeed! I love how it looks 🔥

As Promised:

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i cant believe this only has 10 likes in 2 hours. those are amazing! I love the Taag photo, its simple but ive never seen that type of photo before

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Thank U Very Much! I really appreciate your words 🙌🏼


Amazing photos love them

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I can’t say anything except for WOW! Seriously, these are incredible!

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Thank You!!! 🔥✌🏼

Thaaank You! I appreciate your support 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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