7 Day Violations Are Too Long

I’ve had a couple violations during global and you know if your’e having a really long flight and after a couple minutes of takeoff you put your’e phone down and just let your’e flight keep going. Then after I came back I had all these violations because I was exceeding the speed limit. I know its my fault for not being responsible enough to set the speed but isn’t 7 days too long? Especially for global when you are over speed limit and you get all these violations and just get ghosted at the end.



We appreciate the feedback! The Expert Server environment should carry some prestige and incentive to be a bit more detail-oriented when flying. Without violations or a system in place our servers would have no differentiating factors. Thanks!



I’m guessing there has been a lot of thought about this but put it this way. You are in charge of your own device the same way a pilot is in control of his airplane. It is your responsibility to make sure you don’t go overspeed etc. Therefore I believe it is a reasonable time - the expert server comes with responsibilities, it’s a privilege to fly on the expert server and therefore whilst it may seem long, it acts as a deterrent for people to do wrong and as Tyler said, an incentive to be the best pilot you can be.

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I agree with that but isn’t a week just to long?


I agree with that but isn’t a week just to long and also its not just on expert its on the training sever also.

I personally do not believe so. We have studied many violations and ghosts and have found the best result was at a week. Most don’t care about a 1 day or 3 day stretch, simply repeating the same behavior with the expectation that they’ll be back in business shortly.

Long-term our goal is a more progressive system which escalates each offense, eventually restricting access for lengthy periods if you’re a frequent offender.

Be a little more deliberate in your flying and stay tuned for future changes. 🙂


So for like example I get like 3 violations in one flight its not 3 weeks you have to wait right?

You’re not restricted for 3 weeks. To break it down even further… the training server requires grade 1. This means you must receive less than 5 violations in a single day or 25 within a week to keep your Training Server Access.

The Expert Server allows 2 violations in a day or no more than 3 in a week to keep access. This is very conservative. The Expert Server does carry a more severe penalty if violations are ignored long enough to result in a system ghost.



It’s sad that after all the time and effort to make IF a truly awesome and realistic flight sim a lot of people are still treating it as a game.

Don’t get a violation then…


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