7-Day Period Duration for Violations

Hi there,

How long does 7 days normally mean? I was downgraded from level3 to 2 for 4 violations (instead of 3 normally allowed). I believe that was this time last week (Friday). Checked today but haven’t got Level 3 back up yet.

Do I need to do something, or will it be done automatically?


I think 7 days normally means… 7 days.

It could be that you are downgraded for exactly 7 days, so whatever time you got the violations last week, you will get grade 3 that time today. Or it could be for the full day, meaning you will get grade 3 back tomorrow.


Sometimes a quick flight on Casual is required for it to refresh. Just do a short flight to get some XP.


Okay, aside from the obvious…what I hope is obvious at least, I presume the rolling period is 7 24-hour periods.

So if you received your violations at 1800Z, they won’t roll off at 0000Z simply because it’s Friday.

Honestly, though, if you don’t want a ton of abuse, you might re-phrase that first sentence.


show your screenshot should say what day you on

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that but hasn’t worked. I’ll wait. For all intent and purposes, I was asking about the 7 day period given all the changes that are in the offing re XP levels. Cheers

Those things haven’t changed. It does not affect grades.
Give it a few hrs then :)