7 day income on Infinite Passengers.

Sorry I’m new to the forum so I have no idea if this is going to the right place. So I fly for two other aairlineson infinite passengers and before accepting their offers I saw that my 7 day income will be around $20,000,000 so I was just wondering, where in the game does this go to or do I even get paid at all.

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It’s just a leaderboard statistic to show how active and well you fly compared to other pilots. the board is broken up into different categories that you can track. Daily, weekly, and monthly, and yearly: income, flights, and average rating. Hope this helps.

P.S. your not paid anything and the “money” doesn’t actually transfer to IF or anything else. :) Happy Trails!

From what I know, you use the money to enable more aircrafts to fly with you IF passengers airline. There might be other functions in game where you can spend the money as well.

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@Michael_McMurray this is what I’m talking about

Ok. That’s how much income that particular person/company made thru the entire week. The higher the number the more time and flights they have done during the week. I’m 3rd on the weekly list this week :) For comparison, my weekly income is $608,000,000.

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