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Im currently challenging my self by flying all around the world. I want to get to every continent what should I fly to Antarctica? I would assume that there is not a lot of aircraft that can land because of the snow and ice + the short runways… Ive gone from Boston, --> LAX --> Honolulu --> Sydney --> Jakarta --> Singapore --> Dubai. --> Istanbul --> London (Heathrow) --> Cape Town. Thats where I am now. What aircraft should I use?

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The C17 went to Antarctica in real life.
You may use it.

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The 777-200LR is a good candidate since it’s got some good fuel on it. 🙂

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What about the short runways?

Oh didn’t think about that! Hmmm let me think of an alternative.

Maybe the C130 will work.

if you want to fly military

I would recommend the C-17.


I was thinking about that but the plane is sooooo bad can’t think about how the landing gear just pops out, and the flaps.


I’d use the Cessna Citation X. Not only is it small, it has good fuel consumption, meaning relatively good range and also it’s fast.

It’s my favourite aircraft, but it’d in Your flight.

@Ignas04 Keep in mind that I’m flying from Cape Town thats like 2500 NM away.

If your flying to Antarctica a good airport is AT27. I tried landing there on solo with a 777LR and it had much more runway than I needed actually.

The Citation could easily do that I believe. I did over 4000 nautical miles several times.

Just in case I’m going to check on the parameters though, will get back to You in an edit.

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@Ignas04 ok thanks

ok thats were I will land. perfect.

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Use the KC10 so you can be refueld

Alright, here’s what I got @Speed_bird_50: The Citation X can do 3300 Nautical Miles. If that’s too short for either comfort or in general, do some more flight preparations, eg. utilizing the correct winds via a flight planner and in-game step climbing. From the info that I see, You can get there easily, with little to no preparations, unless You have a specific airport in mind that is at the other side of the continent.

Let me know on what You’ve decided to use and if I can be any help. Also, when You’ve done it, please tag me and tell me how it went!


I believe the USAF / USCG use the C-130 to fly from NZ to Antarctica, might be an option, also keeps it “real” ;-) Though you would have to do a hop round to the land of the Kiwis first!!

happy landings and look forward to seeing some pictures of your adventures


Some of the runways in Antarctica are messed up. In the map it says, for example 2000 x 200 but when there it is closer to 4000 x 1000, very wide

@BadPlane I’m one person… also only one phone

You can request it in the global refueling request thread