[7 Attending, Partnered with Private Flight Group!] Welcome to Singapore! [Let's Recreate A Live Airport No. 5] @ WSSS 232200ZDEC19

Gates are still open! More attendees needed!

Event is in two weeks!

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Can I take gate D36, the QFA 789 to YMML, thanks

Yes sir! I’ll put you in!

Can I switch to a 737BBJ to KSAN?

image image image image


This event will be on Saturday, December 23th. It is a part of an event series called, “Let’s Recreate a Live Airport”. Airport Suggestions are taken into consideration . This event was made in collaboration with @Thunderbolt. It is partnered with @Private_Flying_Group.

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Server : Expert

Airport : WSSS

Time : December 23, 2019 5:00 PM → December 23, 2019 6:00 PM

NOTAM : Pattern Work is not allowed at any event in this series. Straight out departures only. Departing Runway 02L and 02C. Landing Runway 02L and 02C. Please spawn in 10-15 minutes before the event at your gate.

About the Airport : Singapore Changi Airport has been regarded as one of the best airports in the world. It has been rated the #1 airport in the world seven straight years by Skytrax, and its newest feature, Jewel, opened in April of 2019. Airlines from across the world fly to Changi. Changi has four terminals, along with a fifth that is expected to be completed in the coming years. You can read more about it here:


Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport, commonly known as Changi Airport (IATA: SIN, ICAO: WSSS), is a major civilian airport that serves Singapore, and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. It is currently rated the World’s Best Airport by Skytrax for the seventh consecutive year since 2013. It is also the first Airport in the world to do so for seven consecutive years and is one of the world’s busiest airports by international passenger and cargo traffic. The airport is located in Changi, In…

Charts :


Aprons will be added if needed. Cargo Gates are free.

Terminal 1 C Gates

Airline(s): Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, SilkAir, Singapore Airlines, Scoot, JetStar, Cebu Pacific

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
C01 A321 Cebu Pacific RPVM
C11 A319 SilkAir RJOA
C13 A320 JetStar Asia ROAH
C15 A319 Scoot (TigerAir Livery) RCKH
C16 A319 SilkAir ZUCK
C17 A320 JetStar Asia WIMM
C18 A333 Singapore Airlines YBBN
C19 A319 SilkAir WAAA
C20 A319 SilkAir WALL
C22 A359 Singapore Airlines YPPH @Reichsniper01 SQ213
C23 B77W Etihad OMAA
C24 B77W Emirates OMBD @Captainshayan EK405
C25 B77W Emirates YBBN
C26 B77L Qatar Airways OTHH

E Gates

Airline(s): Scoot Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, All Nippon, Sri Lankan Airways, Japan Airlines, Saudia, Air China

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
E01 B789 Saudia OEJN
E02 A319 Scoot (TigerAir Livery) VLLB
E03 B788 Air India VIDP
E04 B789 Air China ZBAA
E06 B788 Ethiopian Airlines HAAB
E07 B772 Japan Airlines RJAA
E08 A333 Sri Lankan Airways VCBI
E10 B789 Scoot Airlines YPPH
E11 B789 Scoot Airlines YSSY
E12 B789 Scoot Airlines ZYTX
E20 B789 Scoot Airlines ZHHH
E22 B789 Scoot Airlines ZGGG
E24L A319 Scoot (TigerAir Livery) VTSS
E24 A319 Scoot (TigerAir Livery) WIBB
E26 A319 Scoot (TigerAir Livery) VTSG
E28 A319 Scoot (TigerAir Livery) ZGNN

Terminal 2 D Gates

Airline(s): JetStar Asia, Qantas Airlines, KLM, Philippines Airlines, Lion Air, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
D30 B772 Japan Airlines RJAA
D32 B77W KLM EHAM @EyesSkyward
D34 A388 Qantas Airlines YSSY
D35 A388 Qantas Airlines EGLL
D36 B789 Qantas Airlines YMML @Jacob_Sim QFA 789
D37 A321 Philippine Airlines RPLL
D38 A320 JetStar Asia VYYY
D40 A320 JetStar Asia RPLC
D41 A320 JetStar Asia ROAH
D42 A320 JetStar YMML @Tinytinnytin JetStar 7
D44 A320 JetStar Asia WIII
D46 A320 JetStar Asia ZSAM
D47 B739 Lion Air WIII
D48 B78X Singapore Airlines EDDM
D49 A388 Singapore Airlines LFPG

F Gates

Airline(s): SilkAir, Air India, United Airlines, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air Lines,

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
F30 A321 Air India VOMM
F31 B788 Air India VIDP
F32 B789 United Airlines KEWR
F33 A359/B789 United Airlines KSFO @Jack_Q UVAL122
F34 B77W Korean Air Lines RKSI
F35 B77W Cathay Pacific VTBS
F36 B77W Cathay Pacific VHHH @Captain_JR
F37 A319 SilkAir VVDN
F40 A319 SilkAir VTSM
F41 A319 SilkAir VTCC
F50 A319 SilkAir WADL
F52 A319 SilkAir VDSR
F58 A321 Cebu Pacific Air RPLL
F54 B772 Thai Airways VTBS
F56 A320 Air Asia WMKP
F59 A320 Air Asia WADD
F60 A320 Air Asia WMKK

Terminal 3 A Gates

Airline(s): Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Gauruda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, EVA Air

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
A01 B738 Gauruda Indonesia WADD
A02 B738 Gauruda Indonesia WIII
A03 A333 Malaysia Airlines WMKK @alexgian52
A04 B738 Malaysia Airlines WMKK
A05 B789 Air New Zealand NZAA
A09 B772 EVA Air RCTP
A10 B78X Singapore Airlines VOBL
A11 B78X Singapore Airlines WADD
A12 B77W Singapore Airlines YSSY
A13 A388 Singapore Airlines EGLL
A14 A788 Singapore Airlines RKSI
A15 B78X Singapore Airlines KLAX @EpicNYC04
A16 B78X Singapore Airlines EDDM
A17 B78X Singapore Airlines RJTT
A18 B77W Singapore Airlines EGCC
A19 B77W Singapore Airlines VHHH @Thunderbolt
A20 B77W Singapore Airlines WBSB
A21 A333 Singapore Airlines RJBB

B Gates

Airline(s): Singapore Airlines

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination User Callsign
B01 B78X Singapore Airlines FAOR
B02 A388 Singapore Airlines LSZH
B03 B78X Singapore Airlines VABB
B04 B78X Singapore Airlines LIRF
B05 A388 Singapore Airlines ZBAA
B06 B77W Singapore Airlines LTFM
B07 A359 Singapore Airlines KEWR
B08 A388 Singapore Airlines EDDF
B09 B77W Singapore Airlines ZSPD
B10 A333 Singapore Airlines WARR @Kyle107

Aircraft Dictionary

B738 = Boeing B737-800
B739 = Boeing B737-900
B772 = Boeing B777-200ER
B77L = Boeing B777-200LR
B77W = Boeing B777-300ER
B788 = Boeing B787-8
B789 = Boeing B787-9
B78X = Boeing B787-10

A319 = Airbus A319-100
A320 = Airbus A320-200
A321 = Airbus A321-200
A333 = Airbus A330-300
A388 = Airbus A380-800


Ooh change my aircraft to the A350 please and thankyou!

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Your aircraft has been changed!

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8 Attending

Gate C24 please callsign EK405

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9 Attending

@KennedyTurner can I change my destination to San Fransisco? You can change my gate to somewhere else, I know someone else will want that route. Callsign UVAL122

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F33 is your new gate.

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ill take this slot pls thx :) see u at event

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I’d like to take D32 please. I’m guessing you can add the A350 to some routes such as KEWR now :)

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@EyesSkyward @alexgian52 You’ve been signed up!


Don’t forget to check out the Narita event!

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Hmm, I won’t mind coming in. Thing is, you may want to edit a little, some of the information isn’t accurate.

(Terminal - T)
T1 Gates: C & D
T2 Gates: E & F
T3 Gates: A & B
T4 Gates: G

Korean Air and Cathay have moved to Terminal 4 (the former budget terminal).

Singapore Airlines uses the C gates only from C1, C20, C22 & C23 and the D gates from D40 - D42.

Sign me up either way. My details are below.

Username: IFC-Reichsniper
Flight Number: SQ213
Callsign: Singapore 213
Equipment: A359
Gate: TBA, Gates for Changi are issued up to 4 hours before STD, however, my departure is definitely at Terminal 3
STD: 2019-12-23T23:40:00Z
Will spawn in at 2019-12-23T22:00:00Z

Hope it helps, Thanks in advance
Edit 1: Sector/Dest. @KennedyTurner My bad, My sincere apologies
Edit 2: Spawn time

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Do you have a set destination?

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Sorry guys, can’t come anymore, am working when the event is on

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