[7 Attending, Partnered with Private Flight Group!] Welcome to Singapore! [Let's Recreate A Live Airport No. 5] @ WSSS 232200ZDEC19

Huh, just started a flyout thread on the same airport. coincidence?

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I have No idea. I put this one up yesterday.

Huh. Cool.

Anyone else want some gates?

Ah yes, I will take gate A19, but can you change it to a B77W?

Roger that!

Anyone else want to join?

Gates Are Still OPEN!

Come get some gates!

Gates are still open!

Bumping the event. We need more attendees!

@KennedyTurner I will take B07 to KEWR, callsign is UVAL122 if you need it. And if the A359 comes out by this time I will be flying it.

Roger that. Ill put you in.

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We still need more people!

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Event is now partnered with @Private_Flying_Group! Come get your gates!


Can I switch to a Singapore Airlines A333 to WARR Surabaya?

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Yes sir! I’ll get that as soon as I can!

Just asking, are you sure that Etihad goes to OTAA, not OMAA?

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My bad, it was a typo.

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Can I get T3 A15 to KLAX?

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