(7 attending)Let's fill McGhee Tyson @KTYS 202000ZAPR19

Yes you can I’ll sign you up

So sorry, I forgot about a family commitment. I can’t do the flight.

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No problem I’ll remove you

1 week to go so grab gate there’s still a lot of routes to choose from

Can I get gate 07A to Atlanta? I will be in a CRJ-200.

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I’ll sign you up thanks for attending

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4 Days to go and still a lot of gates left so grab a gate if you can make it

Can I get cargo Apron 1 UPS
I’ll fly down to KMIA

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Hmm… let’s go to CLT

I’ll sign you up see you there

What Airline and gate

American and you choose the gate

Sorry and what Aircraft do you want

CRJ200 please

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Can I have the Delta connection to Detroit CRJ-900 (I may not be able to make it but will try)

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Sure I’ll sign you see you there

The event is in 1 day so grab gate before it’s to late

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The event is today and there’s still a lot of open gates left

I should still be able to make it. :)

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Thanks see you there