(7 attending)Let's fill McGhee Tyson @KTYS 202000ZAPR19

McGhee Tyson Flyout


Event Information

Server: Expert
Date and Time:2019-04-20T20:00:00Z
▪ Spawn in 10 to 15 minutes before we start ▪
▪ Respect Unicom if there is no ATC and respect all pilots
▪ When you request a gate please include the Aircaft,Destination and gate of your choice
▪ Just enjoy and make it a fun event

About the Airport



Airlines and Destinations

Allegiant Air: Denver(KDEN), Fort Lauderdale(KFLL), Las Vegas (KLAS,
Newark (KEWR), Orlando (KSFB), Punta Gorda(KPGD), Clearwater (KPIE),
Baltimore (KBWI), Fort Walton Beach(KVPS), Pittsburgh(KPIT)

American Eagle: Charlotte(KCLT), Chicago (KORD), Dallas (KDFW),
Miami (KMIA), New York (KLGA), Philadelphia(KPHL), Washington(KDCA)

Delta: Atlanta (KATL)

Delta Connection: Atlanta(KATL), Detroit(KDTW), New York (KLGA), Minneapolis(KMSP)

Frontier: Denver (KDEN), Orlando(KMCO)

United express: Chicago (KORD), Denver (KDEN), Houston (KIAH), Newark(KEWR)

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
01 Allegiant Air
02 Allegiant Air A320 KLAS @Pilot_Waters
03 Allegiant Air
04 Allegiant Air A320 KBWI @Matthew_20204
05A Allegiant Air
05B Allegiant Air
06 Frontier
07A Delta Connection Crj200 KATL @anon79257371
07B Delta Connection
08A American Eagle Crj900 KCLT @Kevinsoto1502
08B American Eagle
09A Delta Connection Crj900 KDTW @Pilot56
10A American Eagle
10B American Eagle
11A United express
11B United express
12A United express
12B United express


Airlines and Destinations

FedEx express: Indianapolis(KIND), Memphis(KMEM), Norfolk (KORF), Richmond(KRIC)

UPS Airlines: Louisville (KSDF), Miami(KMIA)

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendent
Cargo Apron 01 UPS Airlines 757-200 KMIA @Rockydawg_42
Cargo Apron 02 UPS Airlines
Cargo Apron 03 FedEx Express MD-11F KRIC @Niccckk
Cargo Apron 04 FedEx Express

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0 voters

I pressed create topic by accident I was meant to release next month so… you can sign up if you want

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I changed the date to 20 April

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I’ll take Cargo Apron 3 with FedEx to KRIC.

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Ok ill sign you up

I can’t attend if it on April 20th as I’ll be flying in real life on the A343… Hope you have fun

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What aircraft??

MD-11F will do. They IRL fly the A300, but there is no A300 in Infinite Flight.

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Oh that’s a shame, but hope you have fun… from where are you flying?

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I’ll be departing on the 19th for a 9-day trip…

I’ll be visiting Iceland, Denmark, and the Netherlands, but that day, I’ll be flying SFO-CPH with the Scandinavian A343

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That’s sounds so fun I hear Iceland is so Beautiful but anyways have fun and enjoy the A340😊

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The event will now be held in 2 weeks

Still a little more than a week left and there’s still a lot of gates left to choose

American Eagle to MIA please :)

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Great see you there can you just tell me what aircraft you want

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Actually can I change to CLT and ill take a CRJ9

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No problem thanks for signing up

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Thank you :)

Just a little more than a week till the event and there’s a lot gates left

Can I sign up for the Allegiant A320 flight to Fort Walton Beach?

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