[7 Attending] Acrobatics competition @ KSUS (Spirit of St. Louis) 281600ZSEP19

Server: Casual

Airport: KSUS

Time: 2019-09-28T16:00:00Z

Aircraft - Any military one
Why - I have never seen a event like this on the Forum so here we go. If you have see a blue angels air show before the blue angels come out they have older planes and xcubs do acrobatics. So this competition featuring every military aircraft; the best acrobatic maneuver wins even it is loops or flying a propeller plane like a helicopter the best wins.

Image of KSUS

Gates will come out tomorrow for now signing ups below

Gates / / /

Air Associates of Missouri

Gate 1 - @Polski
Gate 2 - @DoubleBogey
Gate 3 - @Emirates21
Gate 4 - @United2
Gate 5 - @rockpapernuke
Gate 6 - @Marco-legend
Gate 7 -
Gate 8 -
Gate 9 -
Gate 10 -
Gate 11 -
Gate 12 -
Gate 13 -
Gate 14 -
Gate 15 -
Gate 16 -
Gate 17 -
Gate 18 -
Gate 19 -
Gate 20 -

ATP Flight School

Gate 1 -
Gate 2 -
Gate 3 -

GA Ramp

Ramp 1 -
Ramp 2 -
Ramp 3 -
Ramp 4 -
Ramp 5 -
Ramp 6 -

FBO Million Air STL

Gate 1 -
Gate 2 -

KSUS FBO Aero Travel

Gate 1 -
Gate 2 -
Gate 3 -

(Additional gates will be added if need be)

C16 - @Andrey_Wing

How much I liked it
Etc. I will link you to a video of mine doing acrobatics in a cubcrafter


Can I come

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You may thanks for attending. Just linked my London city event. Hope you guys can attend! Letโ€™s see hit many we fet

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count me in!

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September 19th is over.

OK, see you there and thanks for attending


Gate Number and stands have been added above please check now or the day of event. Also I am giving myself a gate to keep the event organized also @Emirates21 has signed up via a PM

iโ€™ll take AAM gate 5 in a P38

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Ok thanks for attending. I will also be setting up a practice event fro any who want to attend. What day should I have it on

Lets get some more attendes. Also, if you want me to change the airport please let me know

Does it have to be military? Could I bring out a cirrus?

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Yes you could military is just a suggestion

Hey, if I attend can I take off from another airfield? Too big aircraft for KSUS ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Gate 6 please

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Sorry I canโ€™t make this one @United2 good luck on your third event!

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Yes you may just spawn at KSTL

Ok thanks much for attending see u there

Ok sign me in, Boeing 787 ๐Ÿ˜


Ok see you there

Military aircraft is just a suggestion you can use any aircraft you want