7.1 Earthquake Causing delays in Los Angeles

A big 7.1 earthquake hit north of Los Angeles. I am I Los Angeles native and felt the earthquake. This earthquake is causing delays in Los Angeles


Yeah, Zion’s game got canceled too. (Sorry off topic) But yeah, must be scary for people on the ground


Ohhh yes I saw that it sucks

Pretty scary considering there was another major earthquake in California just yesterday. Hope everyone is safe!

This didn’t cause any delays at LAX or surrounding airports.
I felt it was I can tell you it was a big one. I was passing through the Cajon Pass in an RV and I’ll tell you for a good 30 seconds everything was shaking. I had one friend who was less than 20 miles from the epicenter camping and at the time he was in a store and stuff started falling. Scary stuff! Stay safe everyone!

Wow, yes I felt it, just hope everything is back in business

I felt a shake up here in Santa Barbara, but not as high as in Los Angeles where it is closer to the epicenter.

Los Angeles International is currently operating as normal, however Operations Teams are checking the Runways, Terminals and Taxiways.

I live down here in socal and it was a big aftershock. The news is saying to expect it to continue but the thing that worries me is that I have a flight out of LAX on Sunday that I can’t miss. 😬

I am in Santa Barbara. I think there wasn’t a delay in SBA and LAS airport. The planes are cool! They can land when ground is shaking!

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I was in Ventura(Between KSBA and KLAX) turns out this was the real quake and the prior quake was called a forequake, scary stuff

To anyone who is in SoCal right now:



My father’s house is at the epicenter of it, it’s not looking good.

Oh dear! Hope he and everyone else in the SoCal region stays safe as the big one approaches

Apparently, all of these quakes are coming from the Little Lake Faultline


Dear God, that’s powerful!

Hope everyone is OK, @IsimonSays i wish you all the best

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I tried calling him no luck his house is on a 45 degree incline this doesn’t look like the usual little earthquake they might have. It’s so late there please prayers for cali on this!

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You sure about that?

I felt that 7.1 Mag. Earth Quake in Vegas when I was driving by myself down the 215. It was a pretty bad after shook. Scary Scary!

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Hate earthquakes we had a big one back in November no thanks

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