6years IFC 🎂

as it seems like a must have to write a wonderful text about how great full everyone is within the IFC on the cake day i just thought i’ll follow on this trend.

Over the past six years in the Infinite Flight community, I’ve soared through virtual skies, accumulating countless flight hours that reflect not just a simulation but a journey of passion and camaraderie. The game has been my canvas, painting the skies with adventures and challenges that have shaped my virtual aviation experience.

Yet, beyond the pixels and cockpit controls, it’s the incredible people I’ve encountered that make these years truly unforgettable. From seasoned pilots sharing their wisdom to enthusiastic beginners eager to learn, the Infinite Flight community has been a tapestry of diverse individuals bound together by a shared love for aviation.

Together, we’ve navigated through turbulent weather, executed flawless landings, and marveled at the stunning landscapes below. The virtual cockpit became a meeting place where friendships took flight, transcending the digital realm into genuine connections.

As I reflect on these six wonderful years, it’s not just about the flight hours logged or the achievements unlocked; it’s about the sense of belonging and the shared enthusiasm for aviation that has made this journey truly remarkable. Here’s to the countless skies explored, the challenges conquered, and the friendships forged in the boundless expanse of the Infinite Flight community.

Special thanks to my wingman’s/woman’s @Luu @Nefarious @Robert_NG001 @Marcel_NG002 @fesa84 @Black_Bird @CFG_Hawk


Congrats CrazyBee! I may not be on that list but I recognize all the Crazy stuff you done over the years. I think the most memorable was the XCub circumnavigation, or when your Austrian Virtual buddys did the 777 airshow at the GAF airshows.

anyways im short final at paro typing this one handed so i need to go now


Your mentiond flight were legendary 👌


Congratulations on 6 years of suffering! Happy editing and flying onwards!


Cool! Happy Cakeday!

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Happy 6years!

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Happy 6th year, truly an inspiration to all. Thank you


Fabulous, with your infectious passion for the IF, so glad you’re still here flying among us in the IFC♥️
Happy 6th anniversary, I just can’t get round to the fact how much you collected the insane amount of XP every year CONSISTENTLY.
Congratulations and look forward to your 7th anniversary next year and beyond 🤙

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