6th Year on the IFC

Good Morning fellow Pilots and Friends

A few Days back, on August 15th, I “celebrated” my sixth Anniversary here on the IFC.

6 years is a long time for me beeing in a Community.

Allthough my Infinite Flight Career started much earlier. I could now scroll through hundrets of Logbook Pages to find out when my first flight was, but to be honest, I’m too lazy for that. I remember I downloaded IF first time in 2012, and after some rather bad tries to do a proper Takeoff I deleted it again… for some months. In 2013 I started new, and from then I was addicted. Not only that I live Aviation since I was a little Child, this sim gave me a Chance to somewhat live my dream of beeing a pilot.
I achieved a lot of cool stuff during this period of time, for example I became a (what I would say) good Pilot in all categories (GA, Commercial aswell as Military), I found some really good and long term friends from all over the World and I learned a whole lot about Aviation.

Joining the IFAE team in 2016 was one of my best decisions I could made. Allthough its now not the same anymore, IFAE still is one of the best Group of People out here in this Community.

A bit later I joined IFATC, soon promoted to Specialist and started training for Radar. My ATC Journey was kind of an On/Off Relationship. I am a Pilot, but ATC was fun to get a Change sometimes.
I recently left IFATC again due to Inactivity because of personal Reasons and Time Problems. I have many duties to do within the Community here aswell as in my personal Life, and especially my real Life work schedule is giving me a hard time to focus on IF.
Sorry Tyler, for the hard times with me, but thank you for everything you did and still do here, outstanding Job.

Yeah, other Tasks I use to have here is obviously flying whenever possible.
I guess it was 2017 when I joined the Beta Team and since then I’m helping out testing new Stuff and try to make sure every Update is as Bug free as possible.

Also I am Vice President of my own National Carrier Swiss, as SUIVA, and really appreciate my Staff Team there. William, Richard Ben and Antoine are doing a great Job and its a huge Pleasure to work with them.

Yeah and over Time I also achieved some cool milestones, I recently passed 6 million XP and I am on my way to 10’000 flighthours with I guess approx 500 left.

Almost 10 Years using this Sim markes it my most and longest used App (or Game/Simulator) ever, I never had played another Game with so much time effort.
And the Road is even longer to go. At least hopefully.

Its awesome to see how the whole Sim changed over the years, from getting Violations because I landed at SFO with only 85% Standing in my first years, to beeing able to shut the Engines off and on, from circling in Regions for hours to simulate an Long haul flight and making sure you turn your heading to beeing able to fly from anywhere in the World to another point and having LNAV for a good Sleep on Overnighters.

Yeah well, enough text.

I wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you in this Community. I dont start tagging people because it would be a long list and I probably would forget half of the people lmao.
So just let me just thank everybody here, because without this Community, I would not be what I am now.

From Switzerland with Love,



Beautiful course! well done

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Congratulations on the sixth! Just realized I’ll be hitting six years as well in three days time.

When the devs made the move away from IFFG to the world of discourse forums in May 2015, I was quite apprehensive and hence continued browsing the forum for important information without making an account until I realized I’d need to embrace the new normal. I truly appreciate everyone’s contribution to the IFC thus far, for what has been a fun journey with likeminded aviation enthusiasts!


I will also be hitting 6 next March, wow time flies when you’re having fun!!

Congratulations on 6 years Leah!

You’re a great positive, forward looking person and have done some great things within the community. Great to know you’re working hard and doing well in life and look forward to the future you spend with Infinite Flight!


Congratulations!! 🎉🎉🎉
Happy 6th year! I’m very happy for you!!

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Congratulations Leah🙌

Really proud of you here

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Congrats!! 🎉

Congratulations on such a long and storied time on IFC. I’ve been here since you were named Leah and you’ve been contributing good things since the first time I saw you around here. Thanks for all you do.

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Thanks for the kind Words everyone, appreciate it💕


Congrats on 6 years, that’s a darn long time!

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Writing 100

It sounds like you have had a Great time at the IFC
Heres to another 6 years


I could have written even more, there is an endless amount of stories I could tell that happened in this Period of time

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Big congratulations on 6 years, Leah. Here’s to another 6? 😄

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Congratulations Leah!

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Passed 6 last February.

2016 was a good year.


Thats a positive from me, for sure 🙂

Absolutely, I joined in 2015 here, but I guess I made most of the big steps in 2016

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Congrats Leah! 🎉 🇨🇭

One thing I love about the IFC is how many members we have who’ve been around since the beginning. And so many more are joining us every day ✈️


I’d be down to see the ’ TheSunDown Memoirs, Tales of the IFC

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That might be a cool Idea for a series😂

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