6NOV2022 The Sunshine State Fly Out

Can I please Sponcor this event with my Charlotte event

Yes you may

Kk! Thank you

Plenty of gates

There are still tons of gates open sign up before they run out

Lets get more sign ups!!

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Here you go @Avaitor1!

may I please have GA SW02 but changed to Star Air F-18E in the Generic skin and i will be doing a takeoff and then do some stuff for a customer and then let them fly then come back in and do a fly-by then a landing

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I’m not going to allow that if you would like to take off and fly to MacDill AFB about a 6 minutes flight north to Tampa that’s fine

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can i do a flight there then back?

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Sure just use runway 22/4

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ok you got it

You are Al signed up

thanks so much!

This one please

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Let’s get some more sign ups!

This flyout is to honor Avaitor1 because he is having surgery!

Keep those sign ups coming!!! LETS FILL SARASOTA

I’m exited!

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I am too! We have to honor Avaitor1!

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