6NOV2022 The Sunshine State Fly Out

So I am having Surgery on the 4th of November and want to do my home town fly out so I would love is you all can join!!!

This will take place on the Training Server


Terminal Gates **2 LEFT**

B01|American Eagle|E175|Ronald Regan (DCA)| @Avaitor1
B02|Delta|B757-200|Atlanta| @flyin_hawaiian
B03|American|A320|Philadelphia| @CaptainE
B04|Delta|A321|Detroit| @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
B05|JetBlue|A320|New York (JFK)| @Apple_Haye
B06|Avelo|737-800|New Haven| @AirCanada11
B07|Allegiant|A320|Boston| @Ryan_Carney
B08|Southwest|737-700|Houston (HOU)| @AmericanB772
B09|Allegiant|A320|Ashville| @Butter575
B10United| A320| New York EWR| @Yukiros_31
B12|United express|E175|Washington (IAD)| @United403
B14|United|A320|Houston (IAH)| @Lufthansa1

Hangar Gates

Hangar 01| Cessna CitationX|Teterboro
Hangar 02|Cessna CitationX|Addison
Hangar 03|CRJ-200 (Generic)| Cancun
Hangar 04|737-900 (BBJ)|Seattle
Hangar 05|TBM-930|Marathon (FL)

FBO [Rectrix, Dolphin Aviation,Universal Flight Training,Cirrus Aviation

FBO Rectrix 01|E175 (Private)|Eagle County
FBO Rectrix 02|737-700 (BBJ)|Dublin
FBO Universal Flight Training 01|SR22|Miami| @EnthusiasticAviation
FBO Universal Flight Training 02|SR22|Orlando|
FBO Universal Flight Training 03|SR22|Valdosta|
FBO Dolphin Aviation 01|Cessna 172|Marathon|
FBO Dolphin Aviation 02|TBM-930|Lakeland|
FBO Cirrus Aviation|Cessna 172|Pensacola|

Regular General Aviation

GA SW02|F-18E|MacDill AFB| @MR.FOXY09
GA SW01|TBM-930|Charleston|
GA N01|SR22|Daytona beach|
GA N02|Cessna 172(Embry Riddle)|Daytona Beach

This will take place at KSRQ

Tower: @AviatorRyan
Ground: @AviatorRyan
Departure: @VVESM4N
Approach: @VVESM4N

I really hope you all can join this event it will mean a lot to me!
Hope to see you all in the skies


Please and thank you. Love Florida

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I’ll take ground and tower. Thanks

Thank you sooo much

I’ll take this one please

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Oui you all are signed up

I’ll take Delta A321 To Detroit (no guarantees I’ll be there that’s the day before my birthday.)

Oh nice happy birthday

So if your not sure please click the interested button so that way I know

I’ve never flowen AVELO so lets try it

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Ok I’ll get you signed up

I’ll take approach and departure.

Thank you so much

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No problem!

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**General Aviation GATES Now Available **

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May I have this please
B08|Southwest|737-700|Houston (HOU)|

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Could I take this

Your all signed up


Attention all please we have plenty of more gates let’s give sarasota the attention it’s has always needed

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Can I please Sponcor this event with my Charlotte event