6NOV20 / 2030Z - Fly Out of Denver @ KDEN to KMDW


  • Aircraft and Livery:737-800 SWA

  • Route: Denver to Chicago Midway

  • Time of Departure: 1800Zulu

  • Server:Training Server

  • Additional Information:

Pls let me know if any of you want to join!!

Hello @SWA1997!

Glad you making a Group Flight Topic!

Here is how your title should look:

For Future reference use that thread to make sure you meet the requirements.

Sorry I cant make it because im controlling. Good Luck on this event!

Best of luck,

Additionally, are you sure your time is correct? 1800 zulu was two hours ago.


Titles shouldn’t look like that anymore, that is older.

Here is an updated topic on how to title your group flights, included with a template, and other rules to ensure your group flight will attract some people. :)

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Fixed :)

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no problem have fun!

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I was trying to say 5:30 departure time what would that be??

Assuming you mean PM and your profile is correct and you live in Baltimore (EST), 5:30PM your time would be 2030 Zulu.

Here is a helpful resource:

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That is correct @Suhas

That helps a lot thanks

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