6JUN21 / 1700Z - The great Jorge Newbery Fly-In @ SABE [FINISHED]

I will take this one please!

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Signed up! Enjoy :)

Thanks a lot!

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Also how do you put people down on the thing. I don’t know and I am starting a group flight soon!

You are currently signed up in your gate. So on Sunday 6th you’ll depart from your depature airport at the indicated time.

I think it he meant how do you do a table for assignments lol

Check this out, @Wesley_Fry:

@JetSuperior5192 I will participate with IFBR members in the route: SBGR-SABE, can you change my status?

Already changed ;)

In VA reserved

amazing, thank you!

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Please add two more members:


Both signed up!


Hi, please add two new pilots:


You got it!

Anyone else free?

We will certainly have more riders in the coming days.

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3 days to go! Still a lot of gates remaining

Here we go with more pilots for the flight:


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You got it!

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Ok, the flight organized by us is attracting pilots, more names below:



Hi, I would like to book and include a flight.

RG8649 Varig Airlines B757 (Generic)
Rio de Janeiro (SBGL) | Santiago (SCEL) via Buenos Aires (SABE)

Of course. Make sure to do your stopover at 1700Z. See you there!

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