6JUN20 / 1700Z - The Cenntenial State Fly out @KASE

I noticed that KASE gets a lot of inbound traffic but not outbound. I want to fill up this beautiful airport to its fullest! This is a beautiful airport known for its difficult terrain approach. This airport serves mostly small regional aircraft (CRJ family) and General Aviation aircraft!

Expert Server

This event will start from KASE

Everyone should be at their assigned gate by 1700Z, when the event starts

Help me fill this gorgeous and some what small airport up by grabbing a gate!!!

Gate Airline Airport Aircraft Attendant
1 Delta KSLC CRJ-700 @ORD777flyer
2 Delta KSLC CRJ-700 @ATCEthan
3 United KDEN CRJ-700 @Delta07
4 United KDEN CRJ-700 @GameBoy_KIRB
5 United KDEN CRJ-700 @Anthony_Williams
6 United KDEN CRJ-700 @Pilot_Felix
7 American Eagle KMJT CRJ-700
8 American Eagle KLAX CRJ-700 @Oliver_Willis
GA 50 American Eagle KLAX CRJ-700
GA 51 American Eagle KORD CRJ-700 @TankiSoviet_772GT
GA 52 American Eagle KORD CRJ-700
GA N1 Private owner KMAF TBM
GA N2 Private owner PANC Citation X @anon38496261

Gates will be added when needed. Thanks and hope to see ya there!!!

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Gate 4 Please

Roger. Will do! Any idea how to fix the gates? @GameBoy_KIRB

I’ll take a Delta flight to SLC

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Roger. You know how to fix gates?

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No I’m not sure

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I’ll take a gate to DEN. Try this

Gate Attendant
3 @Delta07

How did ya do that? PM me

Gate 2 please. I will let you know if i cant show up.

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Can I please have this but going to PANC in a Citation? Thanks!

Gate 5 please thanks.

Sure! Great idea mate!!!

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Will do I’ll get ya signed up :)

@Aviation3 I will take the first flight to KORD

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Is it possible that I can have an additional Denver gate on United? Or replace a non busy gate? I like flying with others!

Sure mate!

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This one please thank you!

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Yup! Thanks for signing up

Hey sorry but I can’t make it. I have another event

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Can I take gate 8 to LAX

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