6JUN20 / 1000Z | Quick Flight into Summer Time @KMDW-KFLL

Southwest 737-800 (Heart One)


5:00 P.M. (Central)

Expert Server

Please spawn into your gate about 10 minutes before departure. Copy my flight plan my callsign will be my IFC name @ORD777flyer. Once we land in FLL I will lead us to the parking spot. Thank you and have fun everyone

Can I have someone put in the time for me please that would be much appreciated. Thanks

Please follow the #live:groupflights requirements found below,

Do you just go around saying this on peoples post?

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No, I’m saying this because they don’t meet the requirements of the #live:groupflights

He made a mistake we all do, just don’t go around spamming people’s mistakes.
I’ll join you. I can’t wait for this flight.

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Yeah but I just saw you do the same thing to someone else post, maybe you could be a bit nicer about your suggestions. We have all made mistakes and you probably have just don’t be as rude about it when suggesting an edit.

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I’m not spamming. I realize he made a mistake and I’m not being rude at all.

@Butter_Boi, may you please fix the title on this group flight? This will resolve the problem. Have a good day everyone!

I don’t need to be tagged on every #live:groupflights topic, but no worries. 😉
I got it taken care of.


Sorry, it was just this one. Thank you!

Alright thanks Anthony

Thanks man. I appreciate that

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Glad to be of assistance! Now if only I had the time to do a flight (which I don’t), but it seems like a cool route!


Alright thanks man. Yeah it’s totally fine have a great day!

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