6FEB22 / 2225Z - Flight from klax to nellis afb @ KLAX to KLSV


  • Aircraft and Livery:
    F-22 kc-10 and f-16
  • Route:
    Klax to nellis afb
  • Time of Departure:
  • Server: expert

  • Additional Information:
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Hello! Nice event. Just remember to put the time and date like this 2000Z 7FEB22 on the title and details or else people won’t know when the event will be😬

Ok I just want to do a flight with people and also my callsign is raptor 533

You don’t have to put in the title the flight starts at that time, just put in the details.

Ohhhh ok thx I’m not good at this stuff

Here is a good title I recommend
6FEB22 / 2225Z - The Military Hop @ KLAX - KLSV

I’m going to push it to 3:00pm western time

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