6FEB20 / 1540Z - GroupFlight @ CYYZ to CYUL


  • Aircraft and Livery: A321 Air Canada

  • Route: CYYZ to CYUL

  • Time of Departure: 15:40

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information: I would like to play with someone else. I have been flying solo for a long time and I thought about playing with other professional player. Actually, it will be my first time playing with someone.
    I wonder how the pilots communicate while flying. There is no way of texting each other because there is no chat box

Some additional info on the time of departure: **15:20 - 15:35(preparation) 15:35 (Pushback)
Text back if you want to join. 😀


Hey!! This looks like an awesome flight. Could you change your title to match the guidelines stated in the #live:groupflights rules and guidelines!? Thanks!!


Oh sorry I didn’t know I have to follow it.
Thanks for the tip I will correct it.

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Are u looking to join this flight ?

Update: Flight delayed to 15:20 for preparation.

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Hello I’m the other air Canada flying with you

OH Hi,
I guess I texted to the wrong person lol.
Are u KBOSController?
I’m so confused which one to search for.

I’m flying with you too but I came out a little late. I´m the air canada 182

Yeah I noticed that too.
Nice to flight with you

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Well, do you guys have something else to communicate like Instagram or Facebook ?
I find it’s quite complicate to text in the community.

Nice flight guys !
52 mins flight time

Hehe waiting for you at the gate

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Yess, my insta is nico_villamizar


I have a lot of crosswind xd

Ah I thought you had really skill🤣

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Nice flight

Yeah you too. That landing wasn’t bad.

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Right side (@KBOSController ) Middle (Me) Left (@Nicolas_Villamizar )

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Oh, nice picture

Yep took a screenshot without the username.

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