6DEC20 / 2100Z | The Wintertime Baltimore Flyout! @KBWI

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Welcome to Baltimore!

Well hello everyone! Welcome to another event hosted by the one and only @Butter_Boi and @SWA1997! Today, we are taking you once again to Baltimore for a flyout for the ages! How about you come on down to Baltimore and join us, it’ll be a blast!

This event is co-hosted by @SWA1997, thank you so much!

Flyout Info:

Airport: KBWI - Baltimore/Washington International.

Time: 2020-12-06T21:00:00Z, or 1900Z.

Server: Training.


Concourse A (Southwest)
Gate Route & Aircraft Pilot
A1 (arrival) KBUF β€” Southwest 737* @SWA1997
A2 KROC β€” Southwest 737*
A3 KPBD β€” Southwest 737*
A4 KALB β€” Southwest 737*
A5 KMDW β€” Southwest 737*
A6 KISP β€” Southwest 737*
A7 KATL β€” Southwest 737* @zion89
A8 KMKE β€” Southwest 737*
A9 KCHS β€” Southwest 737*
A10 KGSP β€” Southwest 737* @SWA1997
A11 KBNA β€” Southwest 737*

*Aircraft variant at player discretion.

Concourse B (Southwest)
Gate Route & Aircraft Pilot
B2 KBOS β€” Southwest 737-700 @Butter_Boi
B3 KMCO β€” Southwest 737*
B4 KMCI β€” Southwest 737* @PilotA320
B5 KDEN β€” Southwest 737*
B6 TJSJ β€” Southwest 737*
B7 MMUN β€” Southwest 737*
B8 KFLL β€” Southwest 737*
B9 KRSW β€” Southwest 737*
B10 KSJC (via KSAN) β€” Southwest 737*
B11 KMSP (via KMDW) β€” Southwest 737*
B12 MMUN β€” Southwest 737-700 @Pingu
B13 KHOU β€” Southwest 737*
B14 KORF β€” Southwest 737-800 @KTJ_Mitchell
B15 MDPC β€” Southwest 737*

*Aircraft variant at player discretion.

Concourse C (American & Southwest)
Gate Route & Aircraft Pilot
C1 KCLT β€” American A320
C2 KDFW β€” American 737-800
C3 KMIA (via KDFW) β€” American 737-800
C4 KORD β€” CRJ-700 (ERJ-145)**
C5 KJFK (via KCLT) β€” American A320
C6 KLAX (via KDFW) β€” American 737-800
C7 KSFO (via KDFW) β€” American 737-800
C8 KSNA (via KDFW) β€” American 737-800
C9 KLAS β€” Southwest 737*
C10 KTPA β€” Southwest 737*
C11 KSNA β€” Southwest 737*
C12 KATL β€” Southwest 737*
C-13 MZBZ β€” Southwest 737*

*Aircraft variant at player discretion.
**In replacement for aircraft not in IF.

Concourse D (all other airlines)
Gate Route & Aircraft Pilot
D1 KMKE β€” Delta 717
D2 KMSP β€” Delta A320
D3 KSFO β€” United 737-900
D4 KCMH β€” United A320
D5 KIND β€” United A320
D6 CYYZ β€” Air Canada E175
D7 KMCO β€” Spirit A321
D8 KPBI β€” Spirit A321
D9 KFLL β€” Spirit A321
D10 KDTW β€” Delta 717
D11 KMYR β€” Spirit A319
D14 KORD β€” United 737*
D15 KIAH β€” United A320
D16 KDEN β€” United 737*
D20 KSEA β€” Alaska 737-900

*Aircraft variant at player discretion.
Some gates have been left out on purpose.

Concourse E (internationals)
Gate Route & Aircraft Pilot
E1 EGLL β€” British Airways 777-200ER @Spencer_Clark
E2 BIKF β€” WOW Air A321 @plane_guy12
E3 CYYZ β€” Sunwing 737-800 (generic)**
E4 EDDF β€” Condor 757 @Fung_Sum-sum
E5 (arrival) MMUN β€” Southwest 737*
E6 (arrival) MKJS β€” Southwest 737* @plane_guy12

*Aircraft variant at player discretion.
**In replacement for an aircraft not in IF.

If there are any mistakes, don’t hesitate to let us know via PM/DM.


  • Please be professional and be courteous to other pilots. Even though it is training server, please be professional.

  • Do not spam Unicom, or ATC if it is present.

  • Do not taxi through others, and do not pushback when someone else is pushing-back at the same time.

  • If you would like a callsign recommended to you, and @SWA1997. If you would like to use your own callsign, you’re welcome to as well.

  • Most importantly, have fun!

Thank You:

I would like to thank @SWA1997 for helping me with the gates, and co-hosting this event, thank you so much!

Shoutout to our ATC for this flyout, @MJP_27. Thanks for controlling at this event!

And thanks to you for signing up and flying with us. Thank you!


Come and enjoy this Wonderful Airport


Gate a7 to atl plz

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Welcome on board, thanks for coming!

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@zion89 u r SW 1646 welcome aboard

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thank you @SWA1997

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No problem

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@Butter_Boi u use ur call sign

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Yep, I am. πŸ™ƒ

International route, T4 plz

Welcome aboard thx for coming
You are @Fung_Sum-sum Condor 119

You’re signed up, thanks for coming!

Ur flight time will be 7hrs and 36minutes have a safe flight

I will take this.

I knew u would @PilotA320 lol
Welcome aboard

You mean you knew I would go to Kansas City.

Yes and u will be SWA 2534 Enjoy ur flight

Alright thanks.

Thanks for coming! You’ve been signed up!

Thanks @Butter_Boi.

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