6DEC20/1900Z - The city of the peace flyout @ MMMD [CANCELLED]

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Welcome to Manuel Crescencio Rejón Intl, also known as Mérida International Airport. Is a class C airport. Obviously, is in Mérida, In Yucatán Peninsula, In México. Yucatán is known for one of the greatest gastronomy in México. The country gastronomy is qualified as Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by UNESCO. Mérida is known for the Historic Downtown and being in the Top 3 of the safest cities in México and is the 21st safest city in the World. In 2019, It was the Base of the Nobel Prize of the Peace. Here is some info about the airport.


TIME: 2020-12-06T19:00:00Z

NOTAMS (important)
  • Spawn 15-10 minutes before depature
  • Respect Unicom or IFATC If present
  • Don´t pushback when another aircraft beside you is doing that
  • Don´t troll please, IFATC can be present
  • ENJOY :)

Mérida has only 1 terminal, with 10 gates. There´s also GA gates so people can do Pattern Work :)
Here is the GATE SELECTION, feel free to pick one by replying.

Gate Airline Livery Aircraft Destination Dest Code Pilot
Gate 1 American Eagle Generic E175 Miami KMIA
Gate 2 Aeroméxico Aeroméxico B737 Atlanta KATL @DeltaFox
Gate 3 Interjet Generic A321 La Habana MUHA
Gate 4 WestJet Westjet B738 Toronto CYYZ
Gate 5 Volaris Volaris A319 Tijuana MMTJ
Gate 6 Aeromexico Connect Generic E190 Mexico City MMMX
Gate 7 United United 2019 B738 Houston Intercontinental KIAH
Gate 8 Viva Aerobus Viva Aerobus A320 Guadalajara MMGL
Gate 9 Magnicharters Generic B737 Cancún MMUN
Gate 10 Interjet Generic A320 Monterrey MMMY @Mateo_CD

And here is the GA gates, we are using 10 of 28 for spacing.

GA gate Aircraft Pilot

Hope to see you there, see you in the virtual skies on December 6.

Let´s start with the signups, meanwhile I Will wait In this restaurant (just kidding)


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Let´s get singups, hope you are interested joining:) sorry for low quality images

this gate please.

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Signed up!! Also you´re the 1st one.

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Event is cancelled and is gonna be moved to another airport. I´m so sorry for this situation :(

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