6am School-Day Spotting

Great pics, I like them! It was a very early spotting


Thank you! It was very early. Right at the morning golden hour

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I personally like the regular -800 winglets more

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Eh, I like the MAX AT’s better, makes the plane look sharp (especially with the nose and engine chevrons 🤩)

The split scimitar ones are more curvy and smexy

The Maxes are blocky

Waking up at 4:30 AM to spot a plane that was supposed to depart two hours later but in reality departed four hours later on a school day is a sign of a truly dedicated avgeek. Here’s a cookie 🍪

On another note I really enjoyed the pictures.

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The old Southwest livery remind me of the original IF 737 that was a rocket if we took off with 100% of power in the early versions of Infinite Flight

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Great pictures and what a commitment! I am really glad it worked out in the end for you and while the light isn’t ideal the background is absolutely stunning, making it a very good picture for sure :)

Great pictures all around as well, with the cool background and morning light!

Thanks for sharing!

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Amazing photos! What’s funny is I missed this same plane at Austin, and it was today an hour before school…

Nice Pics! And thanks for the cookie 🍪😁

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More like a mom who’s willing to take me lmao

Just a few more months until I can take myself lmao

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Yes 😂 I still love the canyon blue

Thank you! Big kudos to my mom willing to take me that early 😂

Yeah it upset me a little when it taxied down to runway 8. But 8 departures have really cool backdrops so 🤷‍♂️

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Haha, it just hasn’t come to Phoenix in ages so I knew it had to be spotted. Thanks a bunch!

Thank you and you’re welcome!

nice shots! I really like the 737 MAX shot!

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Thank you! It is definitely a good one!

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FAA: Stops deliveries
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Literally how I feel but amazing shots though

Yes haha.

The FAA approved a fix for the problem so they’ll be back in the skies soon!

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Yes GIFs | Tenor

lol cant wait

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Me at 11:00 PM preparing for my 2 hour flight…

Epic shots @AviationFricc!

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