[69 attending, 29 gates still available!] Huge Phoenix Flyout! @ KPHX - 291800ZDEC18


New routes!


Hi, I am a little confused. I’m seeing that the date is dec 18 AND dec 29???


No, the date is the 29th, but the year is 2018.


We are 3 weeks from the event! Sign up Now before all the gates are gone!


I’ll take D7 to SNA if it’s still available.


D7 is yours! See you there!


We have 60 attendees now!


Due to the large amount of Demand, I will open up more gates later! Stay tuned!


Giving this a bump. Sign up Today!


Could I have Gate B21- Air Canada A319 to CYYZ if it’s possible?


Sure! It is most realistic if you are in the AC Rouge livery, as they fly that route more.
You are in for B21! See you there.


There is still many commercial Gates left! Get them now before they disappear!


Can I change to a 747-8 to LAX


There is no airline that flies to Phoenix with the 747-8 (for the sake of realism) @BadJokes101


k, how about a TNT 777 to LAX


Can I take gate C17 to SMF?


As I said before, there is no airline that flies the 777 to KLAX. Sometimes there is a 757 of AA that flies the route.


IS there any cargo to lax


I can check later.
@Asorb you are in For C17!


Sorry, but I won’t be able to do approach, I now have plans. :(