680kts in the A380 | Expert Server

Currently flight is still in progress with exceptionally strong tailwinds.

680 KTS/782 MPH/M 0.89

Fastest I’ve hit in the app and in the A380 is impressive. What are your top speeds?

Enroute to LAX from ZGGG. See screenshot for current location.

See you all in 3 hours ✈️


dang good job lmaoo


Woah that’s a fast speed


How did you do that

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tailwind over the ocean




Just a strong tailwind. I step climbed to 35,000 and there is about a 90kt difference in windspeed between FL34-35


I hate to break it to you, but you were flying at M 0.89.

That is 89% of the speed of sound.

Speed of sound is measured in Mach, which is done in airspeed and not ground speed. :)

More info.


Thanks Jan, I wasnt sure if it was solely based on Mach as opposed to other metrics. I am not an expert anyway just a young and keen learner. Thanks again for clarifying 👍


I added a link to my earlier post, which explains it. :)

This one: More info.


I have a somewhat different take on this. I agree with Jan emphasizing the info in his link, because understanding the relationship between different speeds in aviation is important knowledge related to flight and piloting skills.

But I wouldn’t say your original wording is wrong: “over the speed of sound.”

Whether the usage is correct depends on the focus of the question being considered, due to all speed being relative.

To an astronaut on a spacewalk outside their spacecraft coasting along on the way to Mars, the spacecraft is motionless.

But relative to Mars, both astronaut and spacecraft are moving very fast.

You did indeed break the sound barrier speed, relative to the ground.

But relative to the air is a different question (though important for staying at safe flying speeds).

If the question is how fast you are riding the Earth around the sun, as you sit still on the ground, you are travelling at about 87 times the speed of sound. But that’s not relative to the Earth’s air, because you are sitting still.

But that 87 times the speed of sound is a very real number expressing the actual earth speed in its orbit around the sun.

The “speed of sound” in this sense is used as a unit of speed measurement that does not relate only to speed relative to the air.

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Damn that tailwind 😲

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I had the exact same thing when going to LAX from Singapore

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Hello @nabilk11

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How’s Dubai, is it hot there

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