666 KNOTS @ KFMH [Metar Reupdated. Now 5kts]

Come on down to the Casual Server and feel the wind threat came from the devil… I think.


Spawned in and crashed within 1 second, literally

Meh… my METAR is ”normal”. 4kts…

Only says 5knots for me
Interesting manoeuvre you just did there @Balloonchaser 😂

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I’m still feeling these supersonic winds here. Odd

This is crazy! I’ve never seen a glitch like this before

ITs not happening for me 😩

I am a very shaky helicopter

Help meeeee ahahahah

Sad to report that the next METAR report is up and the glitch is over. Wind is back @ 5knts

It’s dying out now. That was hilariously awesome


Some one day helicopter?

Was referring to my F-14 shaking in the supersonic turbulence and hovering