62 years of the C-130 "Hercules"

A definitive icon on the cargo field and military transport, the Lockheed C-130 “Hercules” has seen continuous service for 62 years on the air arms of several countries as a cargo or ground attack aircraft.


Long live to this emblematic aircraft!

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I should know this, but my dad was in the 1 para and he jumped out a British version of this. It might have been the same type actually but either way that’s pretty cool.

He fought in That Northern Ireland war if anyone was wondering


And let’s hope it keeps flying for 40 more years.


Back on topic - this is a really cool plane and I’ve seen it do amazing acrobatics at air shows

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MaxSez: Been asking for this guy for years. Prefer the “J” model suited up in Marine Corps no see me paint. (Lotsa hour in this ear drum buster. Did that Kadena, Oki, - Subi, PI - DeagoG, -Somalia & back run one time with extended fuel blivets. Butt hurt & couldn’t hear for a week when I got back)

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I prefer the older models of it, with the Vietnam-era camouflage.

@Swordfish… MaxSez; Green is good, wore it for 31 years, but Desert Tan is better. Ask the Dev’s a year or more ago for a “J” model with a working ramp and aerial refuel nacelles. The request never took off, only about 20 likes. Don’t believe we’ll ever see this craft in the IF inventory. The folk prefer airliners. So sad, To bad…

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