(62 Attending, 31 Gates Left) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301800ZDEC18


What day of the week is this event on?


Can I have gate B anything to Dallas but connecting to San Antonio please? I could be on standby or just spawn after someone pushes back or something.


It’s on a Sunday.


Dallas Fort Worth or Dallas Love Field?



I will be making some major edits to the gate assignments as many aircraft are too large. If your gate gets removed, please let me know and I will assign you a different gate…


Love field


Can i have gate A3?


Can i apply C-20 for Delta Airlines (Skywest 3347) CRJ-900 KLGA-KMKE

It is a change of the flight plan on the schedule.


You are added, thanks for coming!


Has American retired the Q300 yet? If not I’ll take the Q400 instead of the E175


@Pinecone Btw to you question if AA retired the Q300, according to plane spotters

they don’t have a q300 and if they did it would most likely be American Eagle which is operated by a different airline.


Well there’s a lot of pictures and videos…

Source: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8645146


Gate D2: Southwest 737-700 to KMCO: for me please and thank you!


You are in, thanks for attending!


Yea that’s an American Eagle, which is operated by a different airline with their own aircrafts but just under the AA name.`


Can i get Gate 16: Delta A321 to KMIA?


Roger that, adding you now!


Are you guys okay with major wing strikes?

Which is actually realism at KLGA if you know what i mean


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