(62 Attending, 31 Gates Left) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301800ZDEC18


Terminal B Gate C5. Pls


@Dylan_M I see you bumped it again. I can attend in that date, sorry for the confusion.


Gate C14: American A320 to KORD please!


Gate C10 please


Can I get Gate A7 but changed to a Southwest 737 to KDAL?


You six are all added, thanks for attending!!


Gates are going fast!

Reserve yours before it is too late!


Bumping Again

I need to stop bumping Lol


Can i have d9 for a flight to KBOS?


Gate D9 is already taken. Would you like another Gate?


yes what ever is available


I can’t just give you a random gate. You might not prefer my choice! I recommend that you choose one yourself.


d7, 6, 5, or 4


Alrighty, you have been added!


Gate 32: Delta E170 to KDCA for me please


Roger that Wesley! You are in, thanks for attending!


Although I can’t attend, I’m glad someone did an event at my home airport. Good looking Event. 🔥


Glad that you enjoy it! Youve still got about 2 months to determine whether or not you can come ;)



Terminal B gates are going fast! Get one soon before your chances are gone!


I’m getting a bit nervous that the assigned aircraft might be too large for that gate and cause lots of clipped wings…