(62 Attending, 31 Gates Left) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301800ZDEC18


Could I have B4 and will be connecting to KDEN before heading over to KLAX


Il take Gate 18: Delta A319 to KFLL


You shouldn’t be flying a 787 at KLGA.


You are all in! Thanks for coming!


So far this event has great popularity! 13 attendants in the first day of creating.


thats more attendees than mine that i made a month and a half ago :(


It’s okay. Maybe try making an event like this with much more gates! You could get lots of attendance.


Morning sir. You gave me the incorrect gate. I requested Gate: A4 to KDEN, you gave me Gate: A3 to KIAH.

My original request

Thank you for adding me.


Gate 21 to CVG please.


jetBlue to FLL please :)


Sorry about that, I have changed your gate.


You guys are in, thanks for coming!


Gotta rep the home airport, sign me up pls!
Any GA gate
Callsign : N1SA


You are added, thanks for coming! So glad to see tons of New Yorkers here on this forum :D


Goal: Fill every gate available! It shouldn’t be too hard, since there are still 2 months til’ the event.


I will determine that at a later date


That’s totally fine. You’ve still got 2 months to determine your assignment.


Bumping this topic!


Can you move it to November 24, 2018. 1:00


@Dylan_M I want the same gate but could I go to KLAX and before continuing stop at KDEN?