(62 Attending, 31 Gates Left) Let’s Make LaGuardia Great! | A Huge Airport Flyout @ KLGA - 301800ZDEC18


Lets Make LaGuardia Great!!

About this event: As you guys know, KLGA has been receiving lots of hate recently. Currently it is undergoing a massive renovation that hopefully will improve the stricken airport. What other way to make it better by having a Giant flyout? It’s also my home airport. (which you probably already know lol)

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Server: Expert

Airport: KLGA

Date & Time: December 30, 2018 7:00 PM


  • Please spawn at your assigned Gate 10-15 Minutes prior to the event start for screenshots!

  • Be respectful of the Unicom. We don’t want trolls ruining the experience for others.

  • Do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you.

Commercial Gates

Terminal A (1 Gate Left!)

Gate AA01: jetBlue E190 to KBOS: @Infinite_flight_A320
Gate AA02: jetBlue A320 to KFLL: @Kevinsoto1502
Gate AA03: jetBlue A320 to KMCO: @cbrooks531
Gate AA04: jetBlue A321 to KMCO: @siryolo28
Gate AA05: jetBlue A320 to KPBI: @Plane-Train-TV
Gate AA06: jetBlue E190 to KBOS:

Terminal B (6 Gates Left!)

Gate A1: United 737-800 to KORD: @Elliott_Ewell
Gate A2: United Express CRJ-700 to KIAD: @CptMats
Gate A3: United A320 to KIAH: @Chase_Copeland
Gate A4: United 737-800 to KDEN: @Playr_Mar
Gate A5: United A320 to KIAH: @Lufthansa2
Gate A6: United Express CRJ-700 to KCLE: @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate A7: Southwest 737-700 to KDAL: @ItsBlitz
Gate B1: Southwest 737-700 to KDAL: @Jackson_Kaiman (connecting to KSAN)
Gate B2: Southwest 737-700 to KMDW: @Luke_Sta (conmecting to KDEN)
Gate B3: Southwest 737-800 to KMCO: @Shadow87645
Gate B4: Southwest 737-800 to KDEN: @Riley_Grim (connecting to KLAX)
Gate B5: Southwest 737-800 to KSJC: @BigBert10 (connecting to KMDW)
Gate B6: Southwest 737-700 to KBNA: @Kjax_tv
Gate B7: Southwest 737-700 to KDAL: @Toure_Malone
Gate B8: Southwest 737-800 to KDEN: @AlaskaAirfireball111
Gate C1: American CRJ-200 to KCAK: @Boeing797
Gate C3: Air Canada A319 to CYYZ: @PedroG
Gate C4: Air Canada Express E175 to CYUL: @rubinedan
Gate C5: American Eagle CRJ-700 to KPIT: @IchBinGeheim
Gate C6: American Eagle CRJ-700 to KRDU:
Gate C7: American Eagle E175 (generic) to KPVD:
Gate C8: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KCVG:
Gate C9: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KIND: @Kate_Russell
Gate C10: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KDTW: @Dan_C
Gate C11: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KMSP: @Gavin_Finck
Gate C12: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KMIA:
Gate C14: American A320 to KORD: @Aviator10
Gate D1: American E175 (generic) to KCLE:
Gate D2: Southwest 737-700 to KMCO: @Matthew_20204
Gate D3: American 737-800 to KORD: @Adelaide_Aviation
Gate D4: United A320 to KDEN: @Jack_Winston
Gate D5: Southwest 737-800 to KMCI: @Aiden_Hindmarsh
Gate D6: Air Canada A319 to CYYZ:
Gate D7: Southwest 737-700 to KMCO: @MLG_Man
Gate D8: Air Canada E175 to CYUL:
Gate D9: Air Canada A319 to CYYZ: @EthanT2
Gate D10: American A321 to KDFW: @Travis_rice

Terminal C (7 Gates Left!)

Gate 15: Delta E170 to KCHA: @tidex
Gate 16: Delta A321 to KMIA: @DTot42
Gate 17: Delta A321 to KMCO: @Corgi
Gate 18: Delta A319 to KFLL: @Krunchy_Toast
Gate 20: Delta CRJ-900 to KMKE: @DeltaMD88Fan
Gate 21: Delta E170 to KCVG: @Kyle.r24
Gate 22: Delta CRJ-700 to KCHO: @Michael_Czyz
Gate 23: Delta CRJ-700 to KRDU: @VAnuj
Gate 26: Frontier A320 to KCVG: @Ethan_Hansen
Gate 28: Delta E170 to KBOS: @Pinecone
Gate 29: Spirit A320 to KDTW: @Enrique_Fernandez
Gate 30: Delta A319 to KDTW: @Fernando_Carbajal
Gate 31: Delta A319 to KMSP:
Gate 32: Delta E170 to KDCA: @Wesleyhenrich
Gate 33: Delta E170 to KPIT:
Gate 34: Delta A321 to KFLL: @AviationJack
Gate 35: Delta CRJ-900 to KIND:
Gate 36: Delta A319 to KMIA: @Lucas_Piedra
Gate 37: Delta B738 to KATL: @SirMarkieMark
Gate 38: Delta A319 to KMSY:
Gate 39: Delta A319 to KMSP:
Gate 41: Spirit A320 to KMYR: @PaulDiscala
Gate 42: Delta CRJ-700 to KCLT:
Gate 43: Delta E170 to KCHO:
Gate 44: Delta A319 to KMCO: @CapriciousWisewater

Terminal D (3 Gates Left!)

Gate 01: Delta A319 to KDEN: @Delta319
Gate 02: Westjet 737-700 to CYYZ:
Gate 04: Delta CRJ-900 to KBOS: @BrownGamer14
Gate 05: Delta A319 to KMCI:
Gate 06: Delta A319 to KJAX: @Captain_America.us
Gate 07: Westjet 737-700 to CYYZ: @WestJet737767
Gate 08: Westjet 737-700 to CYYZ:
Gate 09: Delta A321 to KFLL: @757fan
Gate 10: Delta CRJ-900 to KRSW: @AmarKoric11
Gate 11: Delta A319 to KMCO: @Victor2

General Aviation

Transient Ramps (14 Gates Left!)

Transient Ramp 01: C750 to KAVL: @Sebastian9915
Transient Ramp 02:
Transient Ramp 03:
Transient Ramp 04:
Transient Ramp 05:
Transient Ramp 06:
Transient Ramp 07:
Transient Ramp 08:
Transient Ramp 09:
Transient Ramp 10:
Transient Ramp 11:
Transient Ramp 12: UPS 757-200F to KPHL: @BadJokes101
Transient Ramp 13:
Transient Ramp 14:
Transient Ramp 15:
Transient Ramp 16:

Terminal Reminder: Please note that gates in Terminal C and D are not lettered in-app. All lettered gates are Terminal B, along with Terminal A at the western end of the airport. Use this photo for reference:

I spent several hours creating this event. I hope you enjoy it!

Want to fly a route that you don’t see? Well, just request for that route to be swapped with another! Make sure the destination is used in the real world.

Want to know more about KLGA? Wikipedia is your friend.

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Infinite Flight Community Event List Pt.2
Centered text not working on a drop down list

Great event you got here! Are the A gates still used? I thought that Delta’s Shuttle routes were operated out of the B gates now (I just flew on DL Shuttle on Sunday to DCA, we left from a B gate).


Can I have D9 to CYYZ?


Can I have [Gate 27: Spirit A321 to KFLL]


Can I have transit ramp 12. Aircraft 757-200F for UPS. Destination KPHL. Takeoff Runway 13



Can’t believe KSJC is actually on this list! XD


I don’t think KLGA was ever great…😂 but seems like a nice event that’s worth going to. Let’s hope some troll doesn’t decide to pull a sully at peak hours.


I will take Gate C9: American Eagle CRJ-900 to KIND


LGA-BWI is not a real route


You are all signed up!


Oh! I’ll change it right away.


Would you like that Gate? Made it just for you XD


All Delta services operate from Terminal C and D.


The A Gates are barely used anymore, after Alaska ended all service 4 Days ago. Now the only operator from A is jetBlue, which rarely has any flights from KLGA.


We will find out the departing runway on the day of the event.


Why did I create this event almost 2 months beforehand?

So the event can fill up and have a full KLGA for once. DUHHHH


I’ll take gate A6 to KCLE, United Express CRJ7.


Is it possible for me to change a destination? I’d like to take any Delta A319 to KDEN callsign DLVA34


I’ve got you signed up! Thanks for coming!


Sure, I’ll change a gate up for ya.