{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


No, I’ve looked through the list prior to signing up and I’m interested in flying to more pacific destinations. I’m solely interested with my choice, sorry if it interferes with the realism…


With that said, United also has a flight to Papeete! I’ll put you down for the Air Tahiti Nui flight right now, but if you’re fine with it, I’ll just move you to the United 789 (they fly the 788) as that would be the most realistic :)

Also, French Bee departs from the G Concourse, so I’ll put you down for a gate from there


I’ll take United instead for the sake of your realism! Thank you for updating me with this information :)


I’ll take an Alaska Airlines gate to KONT in a 737-800


Can I go on stand by for any gate? I don’t know if I will make it.


I’ll take gate G92 on United 787-9 to Singapore pls. Call sign UAL 29


@Suhas_Jatla and @A350iscool I have added you [or placed on StandBy] to the event! See you there and thanks for signing up!

@TheFlyingGuy1 Alaska does not serve the SFO-ONT route! Can I switch you to the United A320, United CRJ-200, 738, or CRJ-700? Thanks!


I’ll take the United 738 to KONT


I’ve added you to the event! Thanks for signing up and see you there!


Sign up! Let’s get to 50+ attending!


Ill take gate A3. KLM MD-11. KLM Flight 608 to Amsterdam.



Thanks for signing up! For the purpose of realism, would you be fine with the KLM 789? The KLM 744 and 772 also fly here, so if you’d like those, let me know!



I could, but I rarely get to use the MD-11. It has flown on this route before.


I know it has flown on this route, but it doesn’t fly currently. Is there any chance you would reconsider? This is only for realism (with the United 789, KLM 789, 777, or 744?)

If you want, FedEx flies the MD-11F from SFO (rarely, but I’ll make an exception!) You can fly to KMEM or somewhere that is a FedEx hub served by the airline! I will add Cargo gates if that is what you want


Fine then, Ill take the 747.


Thanks for adjusting! I’ve signed you up and see you there!


can i get gate 80? united 777-200 to HNL


OK Ok!!

I would like to snag the last remaining G gate, United 788 to NTAA, United9624 probably.


@langer00am and @KIND9624 I’ve signed you guys up! Thanks for joining and see you there!


I wish I could attend, however I am going to the Alaska open house on that day.