{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


1 1/2 months left 'till this event!

Let’s try and get to at least 45 attendants!


Can i have Gate 52? I am flying on a Alaska B737-900 to KPDX


I’ve added you to the event! See you there!


Sign up! 29 Attending so far!

Note: Cargo and GA Gates will be available upon request


I would like gate 47 in an Alaska A320 to KDCA.


Gate 47 is a Delta gate and is used by other airlines usually only if there are too many aircraft for a certain concourse to handle. Can I put you in Gate 53 for now? Or would you prefer 47?


I would prefer 47 as that is what is used in the flight provided


I’ve added you to the event! See you there! You are the 30th attendant!


I’ll keep you up-to-date if I want to switch to an Alaska gate


I would be fine with that. If at any point you want to, just let me know :)


Still over 1 month to sign up! Be sure to get a gate!


Can i get gate 53 in Terminal 2 Alaska 737-900 to Austin my call sign will be ASVA134


Thanks for signing up! I have added you to the event!

See you there!


Thanks i just want to ask May I use the “More to Love” livery


Yes! I will put you down for that now!

Thanks for asking!


Sign up! Plenty of gates left!

31 people are attending now! Help me make that 45!

On a completely different note, the 739 Alaska ‘More to Love’ is now taken. My apologies if you wanted that livery!


I want souhtwest 737-800 to Dallas love gate 29


Hey @Gavin_cx !
Thanks for the interest in signing up, but Gates 29-39 are under construction in real life!
Luckily, both Southwest and Alaska fly to Dallas–Love Field from _ San Francisco!_
Since there are no Southwest gates, would you be fine if I put you in an Alaska overflow gate with the A320 (since we do not have the Alaska E-275) which would be 46?

Or the last option would be to place you on StandBy for a Southwest gate!
Thanks for understanding!


Can I get a destination change to St. Louie? I’m in the SWA part. Thanks!


Sure! I’ve changed your destination!