{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


You know what i will take the Air India flight to Delhi Call sign AIVA161 on the Boeing 777-200LR


@Blue_Diamond196 I have put you in A10 for now as Qantas does operate from the G gates! Also, Gate 29 is under construction for now so I cannot add you anyways. See you there!

@DhruvChopra I have added you to the event! See you there!

And @Dylan_M, does your callsign change every week? 😝


Thank You so much


No, my callsign changed to ASVA019 because at the time I became apart of the Staff Team at ASVA, and then I decided to use the callsign ASVA008 after we kicked inactives


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May I have Gate 48 in a Delta 737-900 to KDTW?


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I’ll take gate 21 to KDAL since everyone else is going there. I’ll use a 737-800. My callsign will be SWA1979


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No more Southwest gates left! Get another airline before it runs out as well!


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@GlobalFlyer1 Qantas operates from the International Terminal A gates, as it is not a Star Alliance member which only are stationed at the G gates. Just thought u should know if you didn’t.


I did know :)

That is why I did not put him in a G gate! I know lots of stuff about SFO as I fly out of it almost every time I fly, so not to worry :)


Hey can I join please and I take gate A1/United Airliners from KSFO to KPHX my call sign in UAL7378 thank you


I have added you to the event! See you there!

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Arrival gates are now available for people who want to fly in from somewhere! Grab a gate while you can!


I already did @Airbus_737.

Please read the entire post before letting me know about something like this again. Thanks


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This is going to be the longest flight I’ve ever done once it happens! Currently my longest is KJFK-OMDB which is around 12 hours. The one I will be doing with this flyout KSFO-WSJC (Singapore). It will be around 17 hours!


The airport code for Changi Airport Singapore is WSSS :)


Ah, thanks, that’s the one I found online and didn’t think it was quite correct.