{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


Could I take Gate 84 on a CRJ-200 United Retro Livery? UVAL024 to KSTS


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Hi! Can I take gate 77 to KSBA in an United E170?


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There are many gates available with many different airlines that you can choose to fly from!

Not sure if you can make it, or is the gate/airline/destination you want taken already ? Just let me know and I can add you to the StandBy list!

Help me try and fill up San Francisco’s airport!


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International Terminal Gate G99. United 787-9. Tokyo-Haneda. UVAL044


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Still lots of time before this event!

Help me fill San Francisco’s Airport ! Be sure to join!


I would love to join but not sure if I will be able to. Could you put me on standby?


Sure, do you have a specific destination in mind or a specific airline you would like to fly with ?


Yeah, I’d like to fly with Delta (preferably something equal to or bigger than a 737) and a route to KATL. And I’d be flying under callsign TC763 (Heavy?)


Ok. Delta flies their 763s (as a substitute for the 753), 753s (although you would have to use the 752), and 739s into San Francisco, which one would you prefer ?


Let’s go the 739


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Hello I’d like to have gate A5 representing Etihad Vitual with an A380 to OMAA. Callsing EYV004. I know it is not a real route but soon it will be and I want to log it on our crew center.


So I’d like to have gate A5
Aircraft: Philippines 744
Dest: RPLL
Callsign: EYV004



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Would you be fine with the 77W as that is what the real flight uses?


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