{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


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Hey! Can I change my destination to Maui? (PHOG). I’d like to change my gate to 69. I’ll take a 737-900


I’d like to fly United’s A320 to KSAN. :)


@mogbog I’ve changed your gate! Thanks for letting me know!

@CptMats Thanks for signing up! See you there!


@United_1154 I forgot to let you know, but Lufthansa has changed the SFO-FRA service back to an A388 which you previously requested! Would you like me to move you?


I’ll take gate A4 to London-Heathrow, British Airways A380. Callsign: BAVA325 and will representing British Airways Virtual.


Thanks for signing up! I’ve added you to the event and see you there!


As DLH 455, I will be taking an A380 out of SFO. Same gate tho. Thank you!!(I recently was on the 454 flight)


Your aircraft and callsign have been changed! Thanks!


Perfect. Can’t wait for the event.


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Hi Air India to Delhi ai069 b777 200lr


Hey! Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, the gates from which Air India departs from is taken! Would you mind finding another one?

A flight I can recommend is the Philippine Airlines flight to Manila which is 14 hours!


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Can you change my destination to KJFK and callsign to ASVA022?


Sure! What aircraft would you like to use? Alaska flies the A320, A321, and 739 to JFK


I’d like to keep the 739


Your gate has been changed! See you there and thanks for letting me know!


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Can I get either Etihad a380 to Abu Dhabi or United 789 to delhi???