{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


Hello! i’d like to take gate A9
i’ll take Turkish Airlines 777-300 to Istanbul
Callsign Turkish 80


Hey! Thanks for the interest, but unfortunately, Turkish Airlines operates out of the G concourse and that one is full! Can you choose a different destination? Something similar to the length of that flight would be the Cathay 773 to HKG. Thanks!


Can I get on standby for a Southwest gate

Destination is unknown for now


So glad to have you flying out of SFO 😉

Should I keep SWA100 as your callsign for now?


Yes, SWA100 will be my callsign :D

Hopefully, nothing comes up along the way as it will be my little sister’s birthday on the day of the event :D
But yup, flying from SFO!!! :O :D


so i’ll take United 787-9 to Singapore
Callsign United 1


Again, I do apologize for this, but this flight operates out of the G concourse. The G concourse has every Star Alliance member, so you’d have to find an airline not inStar Alliance! But I can place you on StandBy?


Qantas 74 B744 to Sydney it’s ok?


Yes it is! I’ll add you shortly! My apologies for the inconvenience


@simopoint I’ve added you to the event! See you there!

@BigBert10 You’ve been placed on StandBy for a Southwest gate!


Sign up! Still plenty of time!


HI! Originally I was supposed to go to WSSS in a united 789, but could I change my destination to Delhi in a 777 200lr?


Sure! I’ll change that for you right now. You’ll stay at the same gate if that’s fine with you!


Thank you! Sounds great!


Sign up!


I would like to sign up for this event please.
Gate A9 | Air New Zealand B77W | Auckland | New Zealand 7 Heavy


Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately Air New Zealand flies out of the G concourse, and that is full! Any chance another airline (not in Star Alliance) works out? Cathay Pacific’s service to Hong Kong is around the same flight time (it is around 13 1/2 hours) and also flies with the 773 if you are interested with that!


Hmm, the only solution I can find is the QF50 to MEL because the flight time may only go up to 12 hours or 14 hours and higher. But this flight is already taken. Hmm…


Oh, I just see an Air China flight. But isn’t Air China also in Star Alliance?
Ahh, unfortunately yes. :/ I will continue searching.


What are your requirements for the flight?

I will try and find one for you. Like I said previously, Cathay Pacific is a great option as it flies to HKG and the flight time is 13 1/2 hours!