{61 Attending!} {Partnered With United, Alaska, & Southwest Virtual!}The Golden Gate Flyout! @ KSFO - 041900ZMAY19


Thanks for the interest though! Have fun!


Just a bump!


Hey, a Bat Mitzvah invite came today for this date, so I can’t attend. Sorry.


That’s fine! I’ll remove you and have fun!


Sign up!


Is it fine if put myself where I want to go because I’m a regular so I can edit it?


You could just simply ask @GlobalFlyer1 and give your flight info rather than wait to see if he decides to turn the thread into a WiKi, which could take longer.

And it would take even longer if he decides not to turn the thread into a WiKi.


Yeah. Just make sure it is in the correct spot, and the aircraft can fit! Also, it is a Wiki already

Thanks @BigBert10 :)


I’ll take a southwest gate to los Angeles please on the 737-800


Hey! Thanks for checking out the event!

Unfortunately, there are no more Southwest gates! Luckily, American, Delta, United, and Alaska Airlines fly there! Can you choose one of these airlines instead? Thanks!


Is the cargo apron way in the northwest corner of airport (Cargo 50-03) by any chance available at this event?


I can add Cargo if you’d like, I just haven’t done it yet :)

It would take me a while though, as I don’t know the Cargo gates at SFO


Yes that would be great the route would be the only one there (SFO-MEM). My callsign is FedEx 24👍


I’ll probably have you signed up by this weekend as it’ll take some time! Thanks for signing up!


United b737-900 to lax if available please and thank you


Hi There!,
Would I be to take the Norwegian B789 Dreamliner to London Gatwick, please? My callsign will be DI7174.


I think @Hendrix_Ruka meant a 737-900.


@iLike2Fly_787 & @Hendrix_Ruka I’ve signed you up! Thanks for joining and see you there!


For this event are we expecting runway 28 departures?


Yes sorry i did not realise it was 727. My bad