60kts winds inbound. How to keep aircrafts safe

Warning- long post 🤪.

Good evening pilots,

Today, I had the challenging but utmost responsible job that I had to do extremely carefully and with great precision. Let me explain…

As you may/may not know, parts of the U.K. are, this week, about to witness a massive storm with winds gusting in 60kts.

As you may know, I work at a commercial flight school and it is our utmost priority to keep all our employees, customers and friends safe. In order of our SOP’s and Agreements between purchasing aircrafts, as a school, we agree to keep all aircrafts safe and protected and clean.

Obviously these storms are no jokes for aircraft. The amount of damage they can do is shocking and extremely expensive.

In order, today, I was asked by my employer and the aircraft owner to conduct a safe job of ensuring their aircraft was secured, tight and ready for the storms.

The aircraft is a PA28 Cherokee 180. It’s an extremely fast aircraft with a beautiful interior and partial glass cockpit.

My duties included making sure the aircraft was in cover. I did this by moving it across the airport to abeam a building. Here it had shelter.

Secondly, I made sure a control lock was In place and the windows were closed. I also made sure any loose objects that are sharp were secured and made sure that all switches were off.

Also, I checked the fuel levels and oil levels and also conducting a C check on the aircraft. I took photographic evidence for insurance purposes in case anything happened

Next, I put some chocks on all the tires and made sure the brakes were on.

I then got some tie downs and rope and used the 3 points on the PA28 to tie down the aircraft securely into the ground (a grass surface).

That really tested my knot tying skills haha^^

After that, the owner arrived and I ensured him all checks were done and his aircraft was ‘pinned down’.

Finally, me and the owner decided on a good day, we will go flying to either Le Touqet or Jersey. A channel crossing. That should be fun.

To add: I hope the best for all Irish members who will be involved in the storm, aswell as those in the other parts of the world witnessing extreme weather conditions.

I apologise for this long post, sometimes things just have a long story to it. A partial story never makes sense.

Blue skies and tailwinds,

She needs a clean!! 😉🤪

If y’all have any questions about my job/ tasks, feel free to comment :)


What an interesting read, and job you have been assigned!

Piper Cherokee, what a beauty 😍


This was an fun read! I fly a Piper tripacer a regularly have to maintenance it. Quite a devious task.

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Isn’t she amazing. A bloody powerful engine. I love it

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It’s so fun, but then reminds you the reality of part owning an aircraft :(

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