60FPS vs 30FPS

So I use a IPhone 12 Pro Max and I wanted to try 60FPS but I get a warning that it can cause it to overheat. Also to prevent damage I should go back to 30FPS, so why is it there if it wants me to go back? Can it really cause my phone to break even though it’s a “high end device” Thanks in advance!

The main difference between the two frame rate options is how smoothly the simulator will appear to look.

Running at 60FPS comes at a cost of thermals and potentially performance as your device will be working harder to achieve that higher frame rate

Locking at 30FPS gives your device some rendering headroom to work with, though there’s no harm in switching to 60fps every now and again 😬

It’s highly unlikely that leaving 60FPS on will “break” your phone, but excessive heat can cause your battery to deteriorate faster, and as iPhones are notorious for overheating, it’s advised you leave it off.


This warning is get out by default, as quite a fair number of people here have lower end devices that may not necessarily have the processing power that could cope with the 60FPS option. While it wouldn’t really break your device for prolonged use of this setting, there is a risk of accelerated degradation as the device would be using its resources (battery, processors and screen) more intensively.

Like @Dan_77 mentioned, there’s no real harm being done every now and again, but the cost for the performance may not be ideal for most.


Got it! Thanks guys!


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