60000ft in just 30 seconds in an F22!

Here’s the video: Infinite Flight 22.7 | 60000ft IN JUST 30-35 SECONDS IN AN F22! (Read desc on how to do it) - YouTube

Aircraft: F22

(Took off out of KEDW)

Date: 10/22/2022 (flown)

Video uploaded: 10/25/2022

How to do it:

So the way to do it is you get an an F22 (if you don’t have pro choose F18) takeoff out of any random airport, takeoff at MAX speed, go 30000ft then dive down to 3000ft above ground, stay at 3000ft for 6 seconds and you should be over 1700kts (in an F22) then you should be able to break 100000ft less than a minute. I’m sure you will be able to rocket to 70000+ft in the F18. There is also another glitch where you take the F22 (or any fighter jet) and go 30000ft and dive down vertically and start spinning your air craft, and put your phone sideways so it’s spinning constantly, then you will glitch in the ground, give it about 7 minutes then it should fling you out and sometimes it will bring you half way to the moon. Then you will have an awesome view of earth! NOTE: It won’t work sometimes.


It works for me at 1300kts