60 percent of the time I can’t spawn in and if I do the runways disappear

I am wondering how to fix this. Any ideas?

Could you send a screenshot of the issue? Also what device

Clear your scenery cache.

This is happening to me as well at the moment. Are you showing a global server error on your screen as well?

Actually this has been sorta common recently. I know IF are working on it right now and the Global Server is malfunctioning a little, so thats probably why you can’t load in.

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Pretty sure it’s related to this one:

Unfortunately no solution available yet (as far as I am aware).

Sometimes it is,yeah

I did that it still doesn’t work

I can’t send a screenshot because now it won’t load at all.

The main issue is now fixed, does your problem still exist or is it solved?

It’s solved! Thanks!

Great, I will flag the topic to be closed, no problem!