60 FPS question

Hey guys, was just wondering, does anyone know how well an iPhone 11 can handle the new 60 FPS option?


It runs great. I use an iPhone 11 for IF and it runs flawlessly. It can easily handle 60fps.

Of course!! Mine works PERFECT.

thank you both

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Should work fine sir

on 20.3 or the beta of 21.1? The beta is pretty unstable right now so its hard to say. but it should run perfectly on 20.3

Why everyone playing IF on his phone ?

What do you mean?

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Thank you for answering fellas I don’t have the beta and i was wondering the same i have an iPhone 11 as well

Fair warning the beta does run a bit slow. It can run 60 fps but when there is a lot of airplanes around at an airport with 3D buildings it can lag a little bit. It’ll likely run a lot better in the final release. I should’ve mentioned this in my original comment but for the most part it’ll run fine. As for version 20.3, it runs perfectly.

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thank you very much

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maybe because they cant afford tablets!!!

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Yep i have the current version but i am not playing until they release 21.1 lol

I know it’s have nothing to do with this topic but it was just a conclusion

Anyone uses iphone 7 or lower? Hows the performance?

Probably not great given the iPhone 7 yet alone older devices is nearly 5 years old at this point…

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yeahh Tru tru

iPhone 6s, better then 20.3. Mine can’t run 60fps effectively though.

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I was using an iPhone 6s for IF from time to time, but it’s thermals are not great (at least for me). That’s not even 60fps

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I don’t know I use an iPad so I wouldn’t know I also don’t have the 11.

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